The jackal is the attack chair. When we are feeling attacked we attack.
It’s can be difficult to remember that meaning resides with the listener.

After all, we know what we mean—why don’t they? 
If you are trying to motivate, get information or move a project along it’s on you to “own” the conversation. 
Are you in fact attacking the other person, Why did you….Who did this…Why didn’t you 
In the Jackal chair, we judge, criticize, blame, shame, complain, deny, dominate, gossip, and procrastinate. 
It’s lonely. We are in a silo with our negativity. By personalizing the situation, looking for fault and blame we leave ourselves no path to collaborate on a solution to the challenge at hand. 
We are in an ‘us” vs “them” position. There is no path to action as we stay stuck our negativity.