About Rich

Rich Russakoff is an internationally acclaimed Business Coach, speaker, author, certified Big Leap Coach, and serial entrepreneur. He is the author of “The Bible of Bank Financing” and a former contributor to CBS MoneyWatch, blogging on topics of interest to CEOs who wish to deliver more to their own bottom line.

Rich’s solid reputation is based on cutting edge knowledge, combined with his make-it-simple / make-it-happen approach. As President and CEO of Bottom Line Up Enterprises, he serves entrepreneurial companies throughout the world. CEOs and the leadership teams of rapid-growth companies regularly seek his guidance.

Rich is perhaps the best business and executive coach there is. Period.

Rich Russakoff — His History

Rich brings more than 40 years experience in successfully starting and developing multiple businesses, CEO coaching, training, business brokering, and consulting for Inc. Magazine. Because his programs and presentations provide a wealth of practical, real-time information, Rich is always in demand. Rich started his entrepreneurial career as the founder of R&R Junction on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The business quickly became a tourist destination which he ran for a decade.

After the successful sale of R&R, Rich became fascinated by how businesses change hands and joined VR Business Brokers. He soon became VR’s top performing business broker, honing and fine-tuning his negotiation skills on the job. As a result he was asked by the franchise to teach his signature approach to creating and negotiating win-win opportunities for both buyers and sellers throughout their network.

In addition to his role as “Coach to The Best,” he is an expert on positioning businesses for resale. Rich helps business owners maximize their exit strategies and make the best possible acquisitions for growth.

Kevin Donnelly — Former President and CEO, Speedwire