Entrepreneurs need solid, actionable take-aways when they devote precious time to being a lifetime learner. Solid, actionable take-aways are precisely how Rich Russakoff has developed his career as an internationally acclaimed speaker, featured at hundreds of entrepreneurial conferences and leadership workshops.

Taking Your Big Leap

In this fun, interactive program, you will learn how to take YOUR Big Leap to achieve the ultimate level of success in your business. You will come away from this program with the knowledge and a plan of action to direct your time and energy toward greater joy, fulfillment and results. This is not bull. It’s a game changer.

The CEO Checklist

How Savvy Entrepreneurs Survive and Prosper

Historically, 20% of the companies that make the Inc. 500 list crash and burn within two years of making the list. What should they have known? What should they have done or done differently?

In this fun, interactive, and must-attend program, you will learn the fundamental skills and behaviors that savvy entrepreneurs have mastered in order to survive and prosper.

Creating a Culture
of Profitability

Making money isn’t the only reason to be in business — but it’s the only way we stay in business. Profitability is probably always top of mind for you, the business owner, but is it for your employees?

Managing costs and cash flow while maximizing profit

This program will show you how to generate dynamite and immediate results to your bottom-line profits by lowering costs and increasing top line and profitability. The program clearly shows why everyone in a company should care about profitability and how to get that message across to your staff.

From Blame and Drama to Creativity and Joy

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of blaming others and seeing ourselves as the victim. In all too many professional and family relationships there is a dysfunctional rush that comes from playing the blame game, with each player insisting they are the victim.

You can engage life in a greater spirit of ease and playfulness!

Creating a Sensational Presentation for funding

In this interactive hands-on program, Rich shares a wealth of experiences – international in scope. Through a series of humorous and relatable stories he provides a high-level overview of the concepts, principles and processes for acquiring capital. Participants will learn fundamental “how-to” steps for establishing and maintaining relationships that are critical to funding business growth.

Make Banks Compete to Lend You Money

At last! A seminar that takes the mystery out of bank financing and puts you in the driver seat. Businesses are routinely rejected for loans because they do not provide lenders with what they need to make favorable decisions. In this seminar, presented by Rich Russakoff, author of the book “Make Banks Compete to Lend You Money,” you will learn in 10 clear steps how to design and execute a loan strategy to get the money you need at the most favorable terms.